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A Film Festival Full of Psychological Movies

Movies and Psychology: A Natural Match

Keep Your Brain Healthy in a Tech-Rich Environment

How to stay healthy amidst 24/7/365 technology inundation

Facebook: Does It Mean the Same to Everyone?

What does Facebook really mean?

Google Cardboard as an Educational Tool

Can Google Cardboard Save Our Schools?

Pics or It Didn’t Happen? It May Be Truer Than You Realize.

Corollary: Selfies or you Don’t Exist.

Changing Our Brains in a Good Way

Nature can help calm our overactive, multitasking brains.

The Real Reason You Can’t Stop Checking Your Phone

I Can’t Stop Looking at My Phone!

Here’s [not] Looking at You!

When we have our face in our phone how do we listen to someone next to us?

iPhone Separation Anxiety

Are you suffering from iPhone Separation Anxiety?

Go the F**k to Sleep [Without Your Technology]

Sleeping with your smartphone is a bad idea

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