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Taking a (Virtual) Break: Can You Survive Without Your Technology for 24 Hours? I Doubt it!

The Daily Show Effect: Attracting Young Voters to Politics One Joke at a Time

Does Too Much Media Make our Kids Sick?

Media and Health:  Bad News, Worse News… or the Worst News Ever?

Update on e-Books and the Rapid Spread of Technology – It’s Happening Fast Folks!

Amazon: More e-books sold than hardbacks!

Reading on a Kindle or iPad is NOT Reading … So, They Say … Maybe it is Better

Do e-books spell the demise of “real reading? With the rise in electronic books and online reading are we become a world of shallow reading and few deep thoughts?  What will happen when print books disappear?  Will we dissolve into a link clicker who is unable to follow an argument to its end because we continue to self-interrupt?  Many think so. I don’t agree.

Friending and Unfriending: A New Social Order?

Alone Together … Living a Whatever, Wherever, Whenever Lifestyle

Excuse me.  Will you put away your iPhone while I am talking to you?

We Didn’t Start the Fire: Why kids consume massive amounts of media and multitask all day (and night) long

Welcome to the iGeneration!

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