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A Film Festival Full of Psychological Movies

Movies and Psychology: A Natural Match

Facebook: Does It Mean the Same to Everyone?

What does Facebook really mean?

How Media Distorts Scientific Results

How can psychological scientists present their research and not have it distorted by the media? And what happens when professionals misquote research from the popular press distortions? My experience with this has changed the way I will work with the press.

Matrimony in the Age of Facebook

Weddings 2.0 – the new world of social networked weddings.

The Amazing Power of "Tech Breaks"

You see it in restaurants, classrooms, the dinner table, and the workplace. After about 15 minutes of concentration people have an urge to check in with their social world, most often through texting, Twitter, & Facebook. I have been advocating tech breaks to allow people a short time to clear their brain and get back to work.

Bring a "Knowledge Broker" to School Today!

Note to Teachers: If you want to integrate technology into your curriculum consider a “knowledge broker”

Multitasking Madness

How have we fallen into a state of “Multitasking Madness”?  Are we really multitasking or just constantly task switching?  What can we do to teach our kids the value of focus?  It’s all about “Meta Cognition” and life strategies about when we need to allow our brains to be interrupted and when it is best to avoid task switching.

Taking a (Virtual) Break: Can You Survive Without Your Technology for 24 Hours? I Doubt it!

The Daily Show Effect: Attracting Young Voters to Politics One Joke at a Time

Does Too Much Media Make our Kids Sick?

Media and Health:  Bad News, Worse News… or the Worst News Ever?

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