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Since 2010 I have been writing an invited blog for Psychology Today, a well respected monthly magazine for psychologists and the general public.

Welcome to the iGeneration!

Friending and Unfriending: A New Social Order?

Alone Together … Living a Whatever, Wherever, Whenever Lifestyle

Excuse me.  Will you put away your iPhone while I am talking to you?

We Didn't Start the Fire: Why kids consume massive amounts of media and multitask all day (and night) long

The Amazing Power of "Tech Breaks"

You see it in restaurants, classrooms, the dinner table, and the workplace. After about 15 minutes of concentration people have an urge to check in with their social world, most often through texting, Twitter, & Facebook. I have been advocating tech breaks to allow people a short time to clear their brain and get back to work.

E-Mail Is Not the Problem: It’s Our Need to Task Switch

We must learn how to focus … at least for short bursts of time.

Bring a "Knowledge Broker" to School Today!

Note to Teachers: If you want to integrate technology into your curriculum consider a “knowledge broker”

Weapons of Mass Distraction

We are constantly inundated by technology mostly from our wireless mobile devices. How are we doing in our fight to overcome our new WMDs: Weapons of Mass Distraction?

Multitasking Madness

How have we fallen into a state of “Multitasking Madness”?  Are we really multitasking or just constantly task switching?  What can we do to teach our kids the value of focus?  It's all about “Meta Cognition” and life strategies about when we need to allow our brains to be interrupted and when it is best to avoid task switching.

The Power of "Like"

Being liked on Facebook has a bigger meaning

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