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Since 2010 I have been writing an invited blog for Psychology Today, a well respected monthly magazine for psychologists and the general public.

Curbing Our Tech Obsession

Nomophobia, FOMO and our Smartphone Obsession

Will Apple and Google’s New Apps Change Addictive Phone Use?

Will new apps help smartphone users avoid device addiction?

Obsessive/Addictive "Tiny Red Dots"

Addicted (or Obsessed) by Tiny Red Dots

Confessions of a Smartphone Junkie

Dealing With Smartphone Addiction

Tech Obsessions Are A-Changin’

OurObsessive Relationship With Technology

The Anxiety Epidemic

Our smartphones may be a major cause.

I Am a Scientist

And science doesn’t care what you “believe.”

Trump: The Master Distractor

What psychology says about our presidential election and the American public

Reading Books is on The Decline But Audiobooks are Rising

Audiobooks Allow Us to Be Distracted

Are We All Becoming Pavlov’s Dogs?

Is our smartphone making us act like Pavlov’s dogs?

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