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Below is a press release from the Governator of the State of California.  One of the 25 is my daughter who is highlighted below in the press release. I am one heck of a proud dad!!  When she was called up to the stage, the tears were rolling down my face.  She is a most amazing young woman.  A press release from her school district can be found by clicking here.

03/11/2008   GAAS:125:08   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Gov. Schwarzenegger Recognizes Achievements of 144 Top California Students

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger tonight highlighted the extraordinary achievements of standout public high school seniors from across the state. 144 students were recognized at the first Annual Governor´s Academic Recognition and All-State Academic Team Awards Dinner in Sacramento for their outstanding academic, extra-curricular and volunteer achievements. The Governor also named 25 of the 144 students to California´s first All-State Academic Team.

“I think it is extremely important that we take the time to honor the hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence all of these students have demonstrated,” said Governor Schwarzenegger. “These young men and women should be proud of what they have accomplished. We have students who never missed a day of class, made perfect scores on the SAT and still find time to volunteer for a dozen different extra-curricular activities. They mentor, tutor and excel in sports. They dream of making the world a better place and they already are.”

The 144 honorees were chosen by county superintendents on a proportional basis based on the size of the county. The 25-member All-State Academic Team was then chosen by the Governor´s Office based not only on grade point average (GPA), SAT scores and class rank, but also extra curricular activities, community service and volunteer activities.

“The state puts on many high-profile events designed to honor schools, teachers and principals. And that´s as it should be – they certainly deserve to be honored,” said Secretary of Education David Long. “But we wanted to add a new tradition where we celebrate our state´s greatest natural resource: the students themselves. I could not be more proud of the young adults we honor at tonight´s inaugural event.”

San Diego County:

Kaylee Weil (GPA: 4.5, SAT: 2290, Class Rank: 1) is a senior at Carlsbad High School. Her activities and awards include: Academic League varsity team captain, California state organizer of the Student Peace Alliance and co-director of Kids for Peace.

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